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A brief history

I've had a long artistic journey in various areas of design, and it began in 1988 straight from college working as an airbrush artist for a sign and display company. Originally painting murals before inkjet technology came and stamped its place on the industry, I moved into the pre-press department, adjusting artworks and creating new designs for print. In 1997 I started using 3D applications and gradually incorporated them into my work.

In 2002 I became a packaging and product designer for a well known consumer goods group. While here I learned to code for interactive web elements, as well as producing any relevant web graphics for product promotions.

CAD, Airports and Advertising

My 3D knowledge then got put to use over the next four years, producing concepts and working drawings for large advertising installations, primarily at airports throughout the UK including the construction of Terminal 5 at Heathrow. I continued to produce art and code for small freelance contracts, gradually moving away from Flash as it's popularity began to decline.

Blackpuppie Studios / The GFC

In 2010 I moved to Norwich, now working freelance, and in June 2012 opened a small studio in St.Augustine's street called Blackpuppie Studios.
Originally it produced a combination of traditional art,sign painting and digital design, but in 2015 I decided to concentrate on my 3D and code again. I dived into Android and ios development, prototyping a couple of small utility applications before moving on to Javascript and C# - my goal being to develop a cross platform paint app (originally for in-house work).
I'm always eager to use technology to produce better work, and I am currently working on some VR environments as well as real world models using a 3D printer.

When the blog is up shortly, I'll have a dedicated development section for each working project.
Letraset and Pantone
Pencils and Pens
Paasche Airbrush
Blackpuppie Studios
Absolut Vodka BPM ad
JCB power tools page layout
ALBA radio packaging
Small Seven mini t-shirt design