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Traditional, digital and mobile. A combination of real pencils, paint and pixels.

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Young Frankenstein - Procreate

Young Frankenstein - Procreate
Jane Birkin - Procreate
Alicia Keys - Procreate
Kate Bush - Procreate
Thunderbolt - Procreate
Mia - Procreate
Vamp - Procreate
Mini 1071s - Sketchbook Pro
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Digital sculpting, 3D printing, product design, environments and characters.

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Alien Bust - 3D print - Zbrush

Alien Bust - 3D print - Zbrush
Low Poly building -  game asset
3D printed bust - Zbrush
Arch vis - Sketchup
MP3 Product Design - Rhino 3D
Arch vis - Sketchup
Advertising model - Sketchup
Battery drill product design
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Explorations and adventures in Javascript, C#, Java and Swift

Vibrashade Paint App

Vibrashade started as a simple experiment with the HTML Canvas Element, and quickly grew into something more creative.
After constructing small modular elements, I decided to assemble a small paint program based around limited layers and a set palette - mimicking a traditional workflow (and as an in-house art tool).

The current functioning version is really a prototype, 'hard coded' with longhand functions etc. The UI needs adjusting but now that CSS grid is virtually universal, things can be more creative.
I'll be setting up a development blog shortly now that I've made this a prime project. I may move it from a browser based app straight to UWP/Android/iOS versions too.
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Blackpuppie Studios - old site

Blackpuppie Studios - 2015 site

Clicking the image above will take you to the old Blackpuppie Studios site - I've included it here as it's a HTML5 port of my old Flash version. There's lots of animated elements and this was never designed to be a responsive site - I wanted a single screen experience, similar to an app..I included the 'yes I know' badge just in case it seemed that I had overlooked something.

The moving parts were produced using the (now discontinued) Adobe Edge app, which did a fantastic job of using a Flash style environment to produce Javascript animation. Give it time to load, especially the 'contact' page which takes you into outer space when you click 'transmit'.
Blackpuppie Studios logo
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